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Best Antimalware For Android – Malwarebytes Mobile Security Quick Review

Best Antimalware For Android - Malwarebytes Mobile Security Quick Review

My colleagues and friends often ask me, Is it a must to have an anti-malware app on an Android device? Can Android get malware and other security threats?

Yes, Android can get malware. But that’s not the whole story.

In fact, malware can do a lot of damage to your phone—but it’s not like you’ll lose control if you get it.

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How Does Malware Harm Your Android Phone/Device?

Malware can slow down your phone and make it hard to use. It can also change permissions on apps so that they’re able to access things like microphone and camera without your approval.

And sometimes malware can even take over your device completely, making it unusable until you clean it up!

Does Android Have A Native Anti-Malware?

So yes, Android does have malware problems—but there are ways to protect yourself from this threat!

Android doesn’t have an anti-malware app built into the operating system; instead, each manufacturer adds their own version of antivirus software when they release a new phone.

But some manufacturers are adding this feature more frequently, especially as malware becomes more sophisticated and widespread.

How Do I Protect My Phone Against Malware Without Anti-Malware Apps?

It’s important to keep in mind that antivirus software for Android isn’t always necessary—you can use other security measures like keeping your apps updated and using strong passwords instead!

You will never need any third-party anti-malware app, If you use the internet vigilantly. Avoid visiting harmful websites. Your web browser indicates which website is safe and which one is harmful. Keep an eye on warnings from Google Chrome, Firefox, and other web browsers of your choice.

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Use Malwarebytes Mobile Security

If you think you have got infected with malware then definitely you need to install a third-party anti-malware app. Malwarebytes Mobile Security can be recommended to get rid of malware on Android-powered devices.

Malwarebytes Mobile Security is a free antivirus app that protects your phone from viruses and malware.

This one of the best and robust mobile security solutions can detect and clean both known and unknown threats, so you can enjoy worry-free browsing on your smartphone or tablet.

Malwarebytes Mobile Security works by sending out “real-time” updates for the latest threats, so it’s always protected against the latest threats.

Download and more info can be found here

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