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How To Unblock YouTube On Microsoft Edge In Windows 10/Windows 7/Windows 8?

 If You want to know How to unblock YouTube on Microsoft Edge? Then you have landed at the right spot.

In this article, We are going to share 6 possible solutions to access or unblock YouTube or any other websites on Microsoft Edge.

Enough intro! Let's get started.

Update your Microsoft Edge

First of all, It could be a technical bug. Update your copy of Microsoft Edge. Updating Microsoft could fix this issue.

To update your Microsoft Edge, Go to Edge settings by clicking on the three horizontal dots icon.

Go to down and hover your cursor over help and feedback and then click on About Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge will automatically update itself If updates are available.

After the update, Restart your copy of Microsoft Edge. The error, You are facing should be gone.  

Reset Microsoft Edge To Default Settings

If updating your copy of Microsoft Edge has failed to run YouTube on Microsoft Edge, Then Reset Microsoft Edge to default settings. 

But Keep in mind that This will undo settings made by you.

To reset Microsoft Edge, Go to Edge settings by clicking on the three horizontal dots icon.

Now click on settings

At the left sidebar menu, Look for the Rest settings option. Click on it to reset Microsoft Edge to default settings.

In the reset settings option, Click Restore settings to their default values.

Click reset to confirm.

After resetting your copy of Microsoft Edge, This will fix the problem in most of the cases.

Enable Software Rendering

If this solution does not work out for you then what you can do is, instead of GPU rendering, Enable software rendering function.

To enable software rendering, Press Windows and R keys together to open the Run command window.

Now type inetcpl.cpl in the Run command window and hit the Enter key.

As you can see, there are 7 tabs in the internet properties. We need to go to the Advanced tab.

Checkmark the option named Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering and then click Apply to save the settings and click OK to exit.

Check If YouTube or any other websites working or not after making changes in the internet property utility. 

Modify Windows Host File

If Your problem still persists and none of the aforementioned methods work out, Then the problem could be in the Windows host file.

Look into the Windows host file, If YouTube or any other website is added to the host file to be blocked.

You need to have administrative privileges to edit the Windows host file.

To edit the host file, Go to the start menu and type in Notepad.

From search results, right-click on Notepad and click on run as administrator.

From Notepad, open the following file.


Next to ( this code, If find YouTube.Com or any other websites, then It means the Windows host file is not letting you access YouTube or any other websites.

All you need to do is, Remove ( this line from the Windows host file.

From the File menu, click Save to save your changes and exit.

Now try to open YouTube, Facebook, or any other websites, Which is not opening. We are quite positive that You will manage to access YouTube, Facebook, or any other websites after modifying the Windows host file.

Clear Microsoft Edge History

If you are still facing this issue, Let's move on to the next possible solution, If editing the host file failed to fix the issue.

Clearing cookies/history in Microsoft Edge could help you get rid of this annoying situation.

To clear browser history, We again need to go to Microsoft Edge settings.

Click on the three horizontal dots icon.

Hover your mouse cursor History option.

From the drop-down menu, Click on manage history.

In the right upper corner, You will find the clear browsing data option. Click on it.

Stop, here a Thing to take into consideration.

If you are not signed in to Microsoft Edge or You have not enabled sync in your copy of Microsoft Edge then un-check Passwords and Autofill form options.

You may check-mark all options If Sync is enabled or you don't care about saved passwords and other things.

Click clear now. 

After the history wipe out procedure is complete, Hopefully, Your problem will be fixed.

Use Third-Party DNS Servers Or VPN Service/Software

Still cannot access YouTube or any other websites? Here comes the final solution.

In addition to other reasons, Your internet service provider could also be a reason behind this annoying problem.

If one of the previously suggested solutions did not work out for you and You are sure that the problem is your internet service provider, Then as a last resort, We can suggest using third-party DNS servers or a VPN service or software.

Google DNS servers are one of many other available third party DNS server providers.

Here is a short guide on How to make Windows 10 use Google or any other DNS servers?

For demonstration purposes, We'll use Google DNS servers. You may use others as well.

Go to the start menu and type in Settings.

Open the Settings app from search results.

From the Settings app, Open network, and internet.

Click on Change adoptor options.

Right-click on Wifi or Ethernet connection and go to properties.

Double click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to open it up.

Tick-mark use the following DNS server addresses option and  write down bellow listed DNS server addresses,

Click OK to save the settings and exit.

The downside of using third party DNS servers is that This method does not work all the time. It works fine and sometimes does not work at all.

Although It performs sluggishly If You have not a good VPN But a VPN software or service works guaranteed.

We would like to recommend to use Windscribe. This website unblocker is a paid service. But It can also be used for free. You are allowed to use 15GB of data limit every month for free.

You can know more about Windscribe at its official website.

Final Words

We hope that one of 6 solutions help you to access YouTube or any other websites in Microsoft Edge. 

If You know about any other solutions, then Please speak out in the comment section below to let us know. We will update this article and add your suggested solution to this article.

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